SUNARES Sustainable Natural Resources Fund

SUNARES is an actively managed fund that offers an important alternative to the majority of equity and index funds and is the result of the combined thinking between Udo Sutterlüty, the founder of Sutterlüty Investment Management GmbH (, and Rometsch & Moor Ltd. The origins can be traced back to a karate competition in the 1980s in Innsbruck where both managers fought and found respect for one another!

The fund invests in companies outside of the financial arena and concentrates on those sectors we think are entering a durable structural uptrend. These include areas such as agriculture, energy, alternative energy, food, water, forestry, raw materials and precious metals. Investors should be aware of the following key points:

  • No exposure to the financial sectors
  • No derivative exposure
  • No currency hedging
  • No performance fee
  • Daily pricing

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SUNARES - Sustainable Natural Resources
ISIN Code: LU0344810915
Bloomberg code: SUNARES LX Equity